Photo of the Day: KMT candidate a far cry from poster

Photoshop fail: KMT candidate mocked for not living up to heavily photoshopped poster

Wang Chih-ya. (Photo from Wang Chi-ya Facebook page)

Wang Chih-ya. (Photo from Wang Chi-ya Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Kuomintang (KMT) candidate has been mocked on social media for campaigning in front of a poster of herself that is so heavily photoshopped it bears almost no resemblance to the real person.

Wang Chih-ya (王致雅), who is running for for city counselor of Taipei's Da'an District, has recently been the subject of much ridicule after she posted images of herself standing in front of an extensively doctored image of her likeness. The photo has been mocked because it has been so heavily airbrushed and her face and body made to look substantially thinner.

After first posting images of the photoshopped poster on Facebook on April 9, netizens quickly started making sarcastic comments:

"You're going to be famous!"

"The designer really has the heart of Buddha."

"Is that grandma helping campaign for her granddaughter?"

"I thought the woman in the blue shirt (supporter) was the candidate in the poster."

"Which is the one running?"

Wang (left). (Photo from Wang Chih-ya Facebook page)

Wang has made a number of comments in response:

"I can't to go back to my youth, age is a butcher's knife, elections are really tiring."

"These are before and after images since running for public office."

"Reality is always cruel, touched up images are always beautiful."

Wang also made a promise on Facebook to try and more closely resemble the image:

"Within three weeks I will go to the weight loss factory for repairs to be consistent with my designer's work."

Wang said that if she did not reach her goal of losing three kilograms within three weeks, she would offer 200 free cups of green tea (each for the price of NT$30 or less).

(Photo from Wang Chih-ya Facebook page)

(Photo from Wang Chih-ya Facebook page)