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Taiwanese athlete Wang Wei-hsu, the jack of track events

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Image was taken by Mabel Neo

Image was taken by Mabel Neo

TAIPEI(Taiwan News)- He may not be the fastest runner in Taiwan, but he is someone that we could not neglect in Taiwan's athletic arena. He is none other than Wang Wei-hsu(王偉旭).

Who is he?

I first heard of Wang when he was the gold medalist for the 2013 World Gymnasiade Boys' 400m event by clocking in 46.98 seconds (otherwise known as ISF School Summer Games 2013) in Brasília, Brazil. Since then, he was also known as the fastest high school runner, and he has always been standing on the podium in National High School Athletic Games.

He then entered the National Taiwan University of Sport, Department of Sport Performance (臺灣體育運動大學競技運動學系) as a freshman. At the same year, he joined National Sports Training Center(國家運動訓練中心) to improve his skills while training with other Taiwanese athletes in the center.

Wang highly admires his teammate, Yang Chun-han(楊俊瀚), the national record holder for Men's 100m and 200m. He thinks that Yang's resilience upon facing high-level competition and against pressure is something he has to learn. They share opinions with each other and compete in a friendly environment. Yang would also share his views of he sees Wang during the training and gives him pieces of advice to improve.

Why the change in events?

Wang previously represented Taiwan in many competitions, mostly in the 400m events. But in the recent National Intercollegiate Athletic Games held at National Central University, he made a huge transformation by participating in the 100 meters and 200-meter dash events. Also, he represented the National Taiwan University of Sport in the 4*100 meters and 4*400 meters relay. He clinched a total of 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals in the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games this year.

Usain Bolt, the fastest runner in the world, once said," Everyone competing at the top has talent, but talent alone will not make a Champion. You have to work hard and get good advice. " Wang said that he started to switch events after the Summer Universiade Games held in Taipei last year. His coach advised him to try for the 100m dash, and he took a big step and decided to give it a try.

The National Intercollegiate Athletic Games was his first game for the 100m event, and he successfully makes the qualifying criteria for the upcoming Asian Games held in Jakarta in the 100m semi-finals by clocking in 10.34 seconds.

He credited part of his success in qualifying to his roommate, 400m Hurdles athlete Chen Chieh(陳傑) for guiding him and sharing videos of other athletes with him and discuss with Wang for his rooms of improvement when he initially faced problems with the new event.

Many may think: A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often better than a master of one.”

Wang may not be a master in the 100m, 200m or 400m events, but he is undoubtedly one of the key factors for the gold medals bagged in for the National Taiwan University of Sport in the 4*100 meters and 4*400 meters relay. The 4*100 meters relay team also broke the competition record by clocking in 39.53 seconds. For the National Intercollegiate Athletic games the past two years, Wang has been on track running from the preliminaries to the finals, a total of 10 events each year may be taxing, but he never expressed his fatigue. On the other hand, he feels honored as his coaches give him the chance to run, and this gives him a great sense of achievement. He is expecting himself to run ten events next year as well.

Taiwanese athlete Wang Wei-hsu, the jack of track events

For his dedicated fans and family, Wang expressed his sincere gratitude. He thanked everyone for all the support over the years. He added on by saying," the Summer Universiade Games in Taipei last year was indeed heartwarming. Although we did not perform as well as expected, the fans' support indeed pushed us even further, including where I am today."

Taiwanese athlete Wang Wei-hsu, the jack of track events

Wang Wei-hsu (left), Yang Chun-han(Right)

Taiwanese athlete Wang Wei-hsu, the jack of track events

Apart from his fans and family, he also thanked the physiotherapist in the National Sports Training Center, Li Wei-jun(李瑋君), his coach Tao Wu-xun(陶武訓) and his elementary-school coach, Li Xue-hua(李雪華) for all their guidance in making him who is he today.

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