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Sultry Sunday ahead of approaching wet front

Sultry Sunday ahead of approaching wet front

Taipei, May 6 (CNA) Hot and sultry weather is expected across Taiwan on Sunday and Monday, with daytime highs forecast to hit 34 degrees Celsius in the western half of the country, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

The level of ultraviolet rays will be high and even dangerous throughout the country around noon, and people are advised to avoid being directly exposed to the sun for too long and to stay hydrated while engaged in outdoors activities, the bureau urged.

On Monday, southwestern winds will increase and hot and dry breezes will occur in Taitung as they descend from the mountains, the bureau forecast, adding that chances of afternoon thundershowers are also high there.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the first wave of this year's plum rain will arrive in Taiwan and bring showers to all parts of the country, with highs likely to drop to between 26 and 25 degrees in northern and northeastern Taiwan, and to 28-30 degrees in other parts of the country, it forecast.

From Friday to Saturday, moisture will be reduced and the weather will turn sunny across the country, with eastern Taiwan to see brief showers, before another front approaches on May 13-14.the bureau said.

Updated : 2021-10-21 10:59 GMT+08:00