World’s deepest underwater mailbox opens near Taiwan’s Green Island

The box is more than 1 m deeper than its closest rival, off Wakayama in Japan

Green Island's underwater mailbox.

Green Island's underwater mailbox. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The world’s deepest underwater mailbox started service Friday about 11 meters below the surface near Green Island in Taitung County.

The box broke a Guinness World Record when it was installed two years ago as it is 2 meters deeper than one in Japan, near the town of Susami in Wakayama Prefecture.

The Chunghwa Post mailbox has the shape of a white Coleman’s pygmy seahorse and is 1.8 meters tall, the Central News Agency reported.

A team of officials including Taitung County Magistrate Jason Huang (黃健庭), a representative of Chunghwa Post, and Egyptian scuba diver Ahmed Gabr, the Guinness World Record holder for the deepest scuba dive and the deepest scuba dive in sea water, went down together to start the service Friday.

Huang sent out the first postcard, telling the whole world about the new mailbox. The item, which did not bear any address, will be kept by Taitung County as a souvenir, CNA reported.

Gabr said the underwater scenery had been worth the 20-hour flight from Egypt, adding that the opening of the mailbox should trigger more interest in coral reefs and Green Island’s beautiful natural environment.

The Coleman’s pygmy seahorse was only discovered in 2001 off Australia, and in 2007 the same species was found living near Green Island, CNA reported.

The mailbox was produced using non-polluting metal and placed away from the coral reefs, while the postcards are made with water-resistant material, reports said. Divers can also deposit small items of trash that they may find in the surroundings into a separate compartment.

Updated : 2021-03-08 00:42 GMT+08:00