Taiwan's Council of Agriculture offers advice on picking the best watermelons

The COA released a short video clip with what to look out for, to find the tastiest watermelons this summer

(Image by Pixabay user kps7942)

(Image by Pixabay user kps7942)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As temperatures begin to warm up, watermelon season is also approaching. The Council of Agriculture (COA) has recently created a short video to help consumers select the best watermelon for their summer snacks.

Watermelon is abundant every year in Taiwan from April from August, and the COA wants to teach people how the sweetest watermelons can be selected by appearance.

First choose the melons with brightest color green, and look for the ones with the most vivid and distinct patterning on the shell. Likewise, look for the melons with the thickest vines, and the ones that visibly curl.

Second, use your hands and ears to lightly knock on the outside of the melon. The melons that make the clearest and loudest sounds from the knock should prove to be the juiciest of the bunch according to the COA instructions.

With a high water content, watermelons are an excellent food for the summer since they will also help keep the body hydrated in high temperatures. However, Liberty Times reports that traditional Chinese medicine suggests one should avoid eating too much watermelon after the sun has gone down, since it may adversely affect the digestion system during the night hours.