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Taiwan arrests 300 suspected gangsters

CIB cracking down on violent crimes

Taiwan arrests 300 suspected gangsters

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - During recent raids, 310 suspected gang members have been arrested throughout Taiwan amid the latest crackdown on organized crime, reported the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) on Wednesday.

The Central News Agency reported that a major reason for the recent attention to gangs and violent crimes was to prevent manipulation of the upcoming local and municipal elections taking place in November. Police also want to ensure people's safety and the security of the streets.

Starting April 30, Taiwanese police raided various organized crime groups, including subdivisions of the "Bamboo Union,'' the "Heavenly Alliance,'' and other violent crime gangs. According to the CIB, of arrested suspects, 41 were high-ranking members of these crime groups and the remaining 269 were regular members.

Four of the arrested suspects members of the "Bamboo Union" are also members of the China Unification Promotion Party, a small pro-Chinese political party, according to the CIB.