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Taiwanese woman granted divorce after husband mentions ex-mistress for 14 years

Court approves of Taiwanese woman's request for a divorce after her husband incessantly mentioned his ex-mistress for 14 years

(Image by pixabay user Tumisu)

(Image by pixabay user Tumisu)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwanese woman has been granted a divorce by the Taiwan High Court on Friday (April 27) on the grounds that her husband constantly mentioned his ex-mistress, undermining trust in their marriage, reported Liberty Times.

The woman had been married to a man surnamed Huang (黃) for 20 years and their children have grown into adulthood. She first found out about the affair when the mistress's husband told her about it 16 years ago.

He admitted to the affair with his female colleague, who he called Hsiao Fen (小芬), but said that he broke up with her and she later died. However, Huang continued to openly talk about the woman in front of his wife and children for the next 14 years, describing her as "the love I had always sought," and "my spiritual comfort."

Huang would also pick out his wife's faults and at one point in front of his daughter called her "trash."

Huang's wife said that his incessant mentioning of Hsio Fen for 14 years put great pressure on her, led to a sleep disorder and she finally decided to separate from him. But it was not until Huang changed the locks on their house, that she finally decided to file for divorce.

During the first trial, Huang denied having the affair, accused his wife of "hating the poor and loving the rich," and said she separated from him because of trivial matters and a "cold war." The court ruled against divorce because it found that Huang's wife failed to provide sufficient evidence of Huang's affair and because she was deceased and could therefore no longer affect the relationship between husband and wife.

After appealing the case to the high court, the children confirmed that Huang called his wife "trash," and regardless of whether he was taking a shower, watching TV, driving or cleaning, he would frequently mention Hsiao Fen and say things like "This is the love I seek."

The high court decided that because Huang continued to show his love for Hsiao Fen, it had broken the foundation of his wife's trust in him and changed the sentence to allow a divorce.

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