State of Washington celebrates 'Taiwanese American Heritage' this month

The TECO Office in Seattle has celebrated the '2018 Taiwanese American Heritage Week' every year in May since 2001

Taiwanese style night market at Univ. of Washington (Image from the official site of the Taiwanese Student Assoc.)

Taiwanese style night market at Univ. of Washington (Image from the official site of the Taiwanese Student Assoc.)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taiwan Representative office in Seattle and local Taiwanese residents are preparing for a “Taiwanese American Heritage Week,” which will also correspond with the “Asian Pacific American Heritage Month” for May in the U.S. state of Washington.

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) Seattle website notes that they have helped to organize a “Taiwanese American Heritage Week” with the local community every year since 2001, when the state of Washington first introduced the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.”

Over the past few years, the activities of the “Taiwan American Heritage Week” have likewise been expanded beyond the original seven day period to include various activities happening all month long.

This year TECO reports that as part of the celebrations, a special performance called “ Light up Taiwan” on May 8 featuring traditional Taiwanese dance performed by a team from the National Taiwan University of Sport will be offered for the enjoyment of local residents.

A series of culinary events from May 1 through May 6 entitled the “International Tour of Taiwan Gourmet Cuisines” hosted by the Chen Heritage Foundation will be held in Bellvue, Washington special “Taiwanese Cuisine Exchange” scheduled for May 5, and then a “Taiwanese Fusion Happy Hour” on May 6.

The Taiwanese Student Association of the University of Washington is going to host a Taiwanese-style Night Market on May 12 at the University. The Student Association will also be joining the University District Street Fair on May 19 and May 20 later in the month.

In addition to the activities celebrating Taiwan and Taiwanese culture, there are numerous other activities all around Washington that will occur as part of the “Asian Pacific American Heritage Month” (APA Heritage Month) throughout May.

The official state government webpage says that the APA Heritage month is a “time to recognize and celebrate the diverse cultures of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders” in Washington, with special activities to commemorate the lives of prominent immigrants in history and their “achievements and contributions.”