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Update: Controversial cram school owner Kao Kuo-hua declares bid for Taipei mayoral race

Taiwanese English cram school owner who had an affair with his employee announces bid for Taipei mayoral race

Kao Kuo-hua teaching. (Photo from Kao Kuo-hua Facebook page)

Kao Kuo-hua teaching. (Photo from Kao Kuo-hua Facebook page)

Update: A mere six hours after announcing his bid to run for the mayor of Taipei, Kao said that he quit the race because his 96-year-old mother asked him to stay out of politics and due to her frail condition. Kao is now officially endorsing Former Kuomintang Legislator Ting Shou-chung (丁守中) for Taipei mayor.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Kao Kuo-hua (高國華), the controversial owner of an English cram school chain in Taiwan today (May 2) announced his bid for the Taipei mayoral race saying that he will "return clean skies to Taipei," reported Apple Daily.

In addition to running an English cram school chain (高國華文理補習班), Kao is known for divorcing his ex-wife news anchor Tsai Yu-hsuan (蔡郁璇) in 2010 after having an affair with his employee Chen Tzu-hsuan (陳子璇), whom he married in 2011.

In his announcement declaring his mayoral bid Kao said, "The people of Taipei have been disgusted with polluted skies for too long, let me join in to strive to retrieve the clean Taipei skies from our childhood memories."

Citing his experience teaching remedial students as an example of his effective leadership Kao said:

"When I taught a remedial class, I encouraged them to not give up on themselves, and in the end their English test scores turned out to be better than those who had entered college. These students were even suspected of cheating, but after taking a retest, they proved their innocence. I don't link blue is worth fighting for and what green is eating is unsightly, as long as I come out, I can condense light blue, pan blue and deep blue together to win the election."

Updated : 2021-05-10 16:18 GMT+08:00