Prolong Launches in the U.S. to Pioneer a More Positive Movement in Men’s Sexual Health

Prolong Launches in the U.S. to Pioneer a More Positive Movement in Men’s Sexual Health

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 1, 2018--Prolong has today announced it will be bringing the first and only FDA-cleared climax control training program to the US, as new research finds one in two 1 men believe they suffer from premature ejaculation (PE).

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The study’s findings — released today — reveal the extent to which sexual health issues such as PE may be impacting men, with 69% expressing embarrassment or shame over how long they last during sex, and 88% saying they ‘wish they had more control over their duration in bed.’

Designed by global experts in psychiatry, the Prolong Climax Control Training Program has been proven to help men last longer in bed, with clinical trials 2 indicating the solution could add anywhere from three to eight minutes to men’s duration, with the benefits maintained or further improved six months later. Unlike other common treatments like pills and numbing creams, Prolong offers a permanent solution with no side effects, and has been shown to improve relationships and reduce distress inducing anxiety and depression 3.

“The potential impacts of PE are far reaching, being linked to increased mental health issues, as well as substance and alcohol abuse. For lifelong sufferers, finding an effective solution has previously been hugely costly and time consuming, with permanent treatments limited to techniques like cognitive behavioural therapy,” said Dr Andy Zamar, Medical Director, Consultant Psychiatrist, Founder of The London Psychiatry Centre, and Creator of Prolong Device. “Our research shows 86% of men are comfortable with the idea of training themselves to last longer, and we believe Prolong will be an empowering tool to treat PE.”

Prolong launches, offering a fresh perspective on sexual health and wellbeing

As part of the U.S. rollout of Prolong, the company also introduces, a new sex-positive platform designed to provide a fresh perspective on men’s sexual health, and de-stigmatize discussions around the topic. Through a range of content providing information and tips delivered through a positive, progressive, and inclusive lens, Smiling Dick aims to pioneer a more open dialogue around sexual health issues like PE.

“Sexual health issues have been considered a taboo subject for far too long, igniting shame and embarrassment in sufferers, which can manifest in various negative ways — impacting mental health as well as relationships,” said Haris Chaudhry, Chief Executive Officer of Prolong and InnovaDerma. “Through Smiling Dick, we aim to pioneer a more positive discussion, breathe some much-needed light into the topic, and ultimately help people to feel open, supported, and comfortable in what should be a healthy and normal dialogue.”

Global study reveals the impact of PE beyond the bedroom

The study surveyed over 4,000 men and women aged 18+ with varying sexual orientations and relationship statuses. With one in two (49.5%) men believing they experience premature ejaculation, and one in five (21.8%) saying this happens ‘all the time,’ the data reveals the stigma associated with sexual health and wellbeing issues may be having a larger than expected impact. Of those affected by PE:

39% lost confidence in the bedroom due to the issue 29% say it placed a strain on their relationship 28% stopped having sex as often 10% say they’ve done nothing about the issue due to being ‘too embarrassed to discuss it’ 21% say they became too anxious to engage in any sexual activity 23% say it has affected their mental health 14% say they’ve turned to alcohol to try and last longer

“Technology is driving a new era of sexual discussion and education — what was once taboo has found a new home online. The Prolong program and Smiling Dick platform fit seamlessly into this larger, watershed moment that we are seeing around sexual health and culture. We are eager to continue championing a new framework around sexual health, and hope that by offering a fresh solution and changing the conversation, we can benefit not only men, but all Americans and their relationships more broadly,” said Chaudhry.

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About the Prolong Climax Control Training Program

Prolong™ is a Class II vibrating medical device as classified by the FDA and used as part of a climax control program for males who suffer from premature ejaculation. It is designed to increase the time between arousal and ejaculation through the use of the training sessions using the stimulating vibratory effects of the device on the penis as part of the "Start-Stop" technique. Prolong offers an affordable, pain-free, one-off, or long-term treatment option with no side effects. The Prolong™ prototype delivered efficacy 338% above the combination of the Start-Stop technique with behaviour therapy alone, which is the current gold standard treatment for premature ejaculation. In a clinical trial in Finland which featured a group of lifelong sufferers of premature ejaculation, 70% of patients who failed on all known treatments including drug treatment, improved after being treated with Prolong™ and this was either sustained or improved further six months after completion of the treatment.

About is a first-of-its-kind ‘sex positive’ platform for men, which hosts a range of sexual health content providing information and tips delivered through a positive, progressive, and inclusive lens. So why does Prolong want to help dicks smile? Sexual health issues like premature ejaculation have been considered taboo for far too long, igniting shame and embarrassment amongst sufferers, which can negatively impact not only relationships, but mental well-being as well. Through, Prolong aims to pioneer a more progressive and positive discussion, and help people feel open, supported, and comfortable in what we think should be a healthy and normal dialogue.

About InnovaDerma

InnovaDerma PLC (LSE: IDP) specializes in the research, manufacture and marketing of clinically proven products in life sciences, beauty and personal care products. InnovaDerma has presence in Europe, US, Australasia, Asia and Africa.

1 49.5 per cent of males say they suffer from PE ‘all the time’ or ‘sometimes’, according to Prolong data. Research conducted by Censuswide via an online panel, polling 2,026 males in Australia and the US and 2,003 females in Australia and the US between 21.03.2018 - 23.03.2018.

2 In one clinical trial [trial 1], participants using Prolong achieved a median increase in time to ejaculation of 3 minutes (33 subjects were enrolled and 23 were still using the device at week 6). The 10 subjects who dropped out were included in the final statistical analysis (ITT) to ascertain effectiveness and the end result of showed an added 3 minutes across all 33 subjects with the drop-outs calculated as no improvement diluting the results in the 23 completers. All subjects who completed the treatment improved.

In a second clinical trial [trial 2], using Prolong Climax Control training program in 58 subjects was found to delay time to ejaculation from 48 seconds (0.8 minutes) to 8 minutes and 48 seconds (8.8 minutes) on average in 61% of men, compared to 2 minutes and 36 seconds (2.6 minutes) in 40% of men having cognitive behavioural therapy, with a difference on average of 6 minutes and 12 seconds (6.2 minutes) between the two groups.

In a third trial [trial 3] conducted in Finland, 11 highly resistant lifelong sufferers of PE aged on average 49 years old used the Prolong program. Participants had previously failed to respond to, could not tolerate multiple drug treatments or both. Out of the 11 subjects, 8 improved, and maintained their improvement or improved further at 6 months.

3[Trial 1] A comparison of pre-treatment and end-of-treatment scores for completed BAI, BDI-II and GRISS questionnaires showed an overall improvement in both treatment groups for distress such as anxiety, depression, and parameters of sexual satisfaction such as sexual function and sexual relationship, respectively, at the end of the study.

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