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Taiwan lays out plans to develop offshore wind power

Denmark’s Orsted and Germany’s wpd secured contracts to install 900 MW and 1 GW of capacity, respectively

Image by Pixabay

Image by Pixabay

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan set forth plans to expand its offshore wind capacity through the implementation of measures in three phases: setting examples, identifying areas with potentials, and zoning for massive development, reports said Monday.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) announced results on April 30 of Taiwan’s first offshore wind farm auction, marking a milestone as the island aims to increase renewable energy production to 20 percent by 2025.

Monday’s biggest winners, Denmark’s Orsted and Germany’s wpd, secured contracts to install 900 MW and 1 GW of capacity, respectively.

According to MOEA, due to the island’s lack in offshore wind power development experience, the government will, during the first stage, roll out incentives to attract investments in the industry, often associated with complex issues and higher risks. Action will be taken at the same time to amend regulations and introduce supportive measures to address the needs of the industry.

What follows will be an effort to locate areas full of potential as wind power farms. The government has selected 36 candidates, information about which will be provided to international players who will then bid to secure the right to tap into an estimated wind capacity of 23 GW in total.

If all goes well, MOEA will sign contracts with industry players in July this year, ensuring development projects are implemented according to plan, reported CNA.

After regulatory support and infrastructure are put in place, the government will spearhead the designation of zones deemed suitable for massive wind power development in the next phase, which will emphasize the coexistence of offshore wind energy harvest and environmental protection.

Updated : 2021-06-22 15:49 GMT+08:00