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Taiwan lychee variety enjoys best harvest in 2 years

The bumper crop of Jade purse lychees are expected to hit the market by mid May

Jade purse lychees are a sweet Taiwan specialty.

Jade purse lychees are a sweet Taiwan specialty. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A variety of lychee fruit, Kaohsiung's jade purse lychee (玉荷包), has benefited from recent stable weather and 60 percent more fruit than normal has been harvested already this year.

Little rain but constant humidity and large temperature changes throughout the day provided perfect conditions for the jade purse lychee crop.

The jade purse lychee output value on the international market has averaged around NT$12 billion (US$400 million) and is expected to increase this season by mid-May.

Kaohsiung grows the largest area of lychees in the country, over 3,300 hectares, of which 2,524 hectares are devoted to growing jade purse lychees, according to LTN.

The Agriculture Bureau said that the jade purse lychee output significantly declined over the last two years due to sporadic weather, however recent weather has been much more stable.

The jade purse lychee variety only grows in Taiwan and is known for being very sweet, juicy, fleshy, small, and red and green on the outside.