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First plum rain of season will bring cool temperatures to Taiwan on Thursday

First plum rain of the year will bring cooler temperatures to northern Taiwan on Thursday

CWB satellite map.

CWB satellite map.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The first plum rain of the year will bring cooler temperatures to northern Taiwan as it arrives on Thursday, reported the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Meteorologist Wu Der-rong (吳德榮) said that high temperatures today could reach 30 to 32 degrees in western Taiwan, while eastern Taiwan will range between 28 to 30 degrees, with partly cloudy skies seen throughout Taiwan proper. Due to an increase in low-level moisture and increased atmospheric instability, convection will be more active in the afternoon when local showers or thunderstorms are likely in mountainous regions.

Temperatures will be hot during the day, but will start to cool in the evenings and mornings during this week. Those spending extended periods outdoors need to be take precautions for increased ultraviolet rays during the day. By Wednesday, the highs will hit 34 to 35 degrees.

The weather front will arrive in Taiwan on Thursday morning, causing the temperature to drop significantly and possibly bringing heavy rains to mountainous areas of northern and central Taiwan. Much of northern Taiwan will see cloudy skies with occasional showers or thunderstorms on Thursday.

However, by Friday, the weather will start to stabilize again and high temperatures will rebound to levels seen early in the week by Sunday.

Updated : 2021-07-24 01:17 GMT+08:00