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Students reenact the landing of famous general Koxinga in southern Taiwan

Taiwan Luer Community and Development Association organized re-enactment on 357th anniversary of general's victory over Dutch

Photo from 2016 event.

Photo from 2016 event. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Near the shores of Annan District of Tainan, on April 29 southern Taiwan 14 ancient warships, carrying over 300 soldiers under the colors of Koxinga (國姓爺) stormed the shores to capture the territory, with banners reading “Down with the Qing, Revive the Ming” (反清復明).

A battle re-enactment of Koxingga’s famous capture of Taiwan from the Dutch, and their Qing allies, was staged today on April 29 in southern Taiwan, with local students, and even some foreigners participating in the day’s activities.

This year marks the 357th anniversary of the event, and the Taiwan Luer Community and Development Association (鹿耳社區發展協會) organized the re-enactment of the famous general’s landing.

Koxinga, who was also called Zheng Chenggong (鄭成功), established the final outpost of the Ming Dynasty, and turned Taiwan in a military base for those who sought to resist the Qing and restore the Ming, even founding a short lived kingdom around Tainan from 1661-1683 (東寧王國).

Students reenact the landing of famous general Koxinga in southern Taiwan
Photo from 2016 reenactment of the event. (CNA image)

At 11 p.m. on the morning of April 29, more than 300 people, mostly students, dressed in costumes of the period, assembled at the old gate entrance to Xikou Township (溪口鎮).

Many of them boarded the 14 Ming “Warships” (明鄭戰艦) constructed from bamboo. Then once on the ocean’s water’s they prepared to storm the beaches, to the background accompaniment of drums and mock cannon fire.

Once ashore the junior Golden Lions from Jing Liao Elementary (菁寮國小) took the vanguard, as the procession advanced to the Grand Mazu Temple to pay homage to the diety of the sea, and to express their gratitude for the great victory over the Dutch and the Qing.

Taiwan Hot reports that after a short break and a light lunch, the troops reassembled and marched on Fort Provintia to lay siege to the fort and the famous Chihkan Tower.

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