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Korean jets chase off China spy plane during historic Peace Summit

South Korea scrambled jets to chase off a Chinese reconnaissance plane spying in Korea's air defense zone for over four hours on Saturday April 28

PLAAF K-6 2000 surveillance aircraft (Image from Chinese Military Aviation)

PLAAF K-6 2000 surveillance aircraft (Image from Chinese Military Aviation)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Less than a full day after the historic announcement that North and South Korea would cease hostilities to begin a new era of peace between the two countries, the Chinese government is causing alarm on the peninsula.

South Korean jets were scrambled this afternoon to intercept a Chinese reconnaissance aircraft that had entered South Korea’s air defense zone.

The reconnaissance aircraft was reportedly flying in the Korean Air Defense Identification Zone off South Korea’s coast for over four hours before the Korean Air Force chased off the interloping spy aircraft.

This marks the third such incident this year according to Reuters. The Chinese Ambassador to Seoul was even summoned by the government in February because of concern over such intrusions.

The Chinese Defense Ministry has not yet released any statement concerning the incident, according to Reuters.

China’s air force has been ranging farther and farther from China’s territory over the past few months, conducting long-haul flights into the Western Pacific and recently conducted an encirclement of Taiwan that included H-6K bombers, fighter jets as well as reconnaissance aircraft.

Such actions from China have alarmed neighbors in the region like Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

The attempts to spy on its regional neighbors, while the two Koreas are in the midst of such a positive and momentous historical summit, may be an indication that China is concerned about the inevitable and fast approaching shifts that are coming to the region’s status-quo.