South Taiwan resort of Kenting will keep cleaning its beaches

Earth Day campaign was major success with 500 participants

Pingtung County to hold six beach cleanups in Kenting in May and June.

Pingtung County to hold six beach cleanups in Kenting in May and June. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Facing falling numbers of visitors, beaches in Kenting (墾丁) will be targeted for more cleanup campaigns over the next few months, the Pingtung County Government said Thursday.

The resort town near Taiwan’s southern tip has been facing increasing complaints about the high prices of its lodgings and food, the shoddy nature of its night market, but also the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of its sandy beaches.

On April 22, Earth Day, the town’s hotels and restaurants mobilized more than 500 volunteers to clean up the beaches.

However, in order to keep up the good work and improve Kenting’s image, the county government said Thursday it would organize six similar campaigns during May and June, the Central News Agency reported.

Each of the cleanups will focus on a different beach, while participating hotels and bed and breakfasts will also offer promotional packages to persons who volunteer to help out.

Social organizations were also welcome to contact the Pingtung County Government’s department of environmental affairs to gain information about how to “adopt” a beach, CNA reported.

The cleanup operation will take place at Houbihu Beach (後壁湖) on May 1, Dawan (大灣) on May 19, Nanwan (南灣) on May 24, Wanlitong (萬里桐) on May 26, Xiaowan (小灣) on June 6 and Chuanfanshi (船帆石) or Sail Rock Beach on June 12.