China air force conducts encirclement of Taiwan, as Beijing threatens 'further action'

On April 26 the Chinese air force announced that a flight drill employing fighter jets and H-6K bombers dispatched from multiple airports had taken place

(File photo from Chinese Air Force)

(File photo from Chinese Air Force)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Chinese military aircraft reportedly circled Taiwan Thursday April 26, as a part of a campaign of intimidation that has heightened tension since China’s live fire military drills that began on April 18.

On April 26, the Chinese air force confirmed that it conducted an encirclement drill around Taiwan that included fighter jets, early warning aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft and H-6K bombers, dispatched from multiple airports, according to Reuters.

On Wednesday, April 25 a spokesperson for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, Ma Xiaoguang, vowed “further actions” to intimidate Taiwan if the country continues to move towards de jure independence.

Ma also explicitly stated that the live-fire drills carried out last week were intended to send clear message to those advocating for “Taiwan Independence.”

In response to the ill-considered drills and campaign of intimidation from Beijing, Taiwan’s government emphasized that China was increasingly presenting itself as a threat to peace and stability in the region.

Taipei further emphasized that it would not make any concessions to the intimidation tactics being employed by Beijing.

On Tuesday, April 24, the Ministry of National Defense announced that Taiwan will begin a series of war games next week, simulating a mock invasion by “offensive forces.”