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Jaywalking in central China now punishable by water spray

The water-spraying bollards were set up last week

Screen grab from Youtube video

Screen grab from Youtube video

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Traffic police in Daye, which is in the Hubei Province of central China, set up water-spraying equipment near a cross walk on Monday to prevent pedestrians from jaywalking and the installation has had a great effect according to local police.

"The machine has two systems with different functions. One is facial recognition; the other provides reminders and warnings. It photographs people crossing against red lights and uploads the images to the police database to determine their identities. Meanwhile, a large electronic screen at the intersection will instantly display their photos," a local police spokesperson was quoted by the Chinese media.

The system is fitted with facial recognition technology and placed on the sides of the crossings. The bollards starts spraying water whenever it detects a person walking through when the traffic light is red.

The bollards are connected to the traffic system and it also works as a reminder for pedestrians about the changing traffic signals, according to the report from China Daily.

The state media Xinhua reported that not only do the bollards spray water on the person attempting to jaywalk, but the face recognition technology embedded in the system also captures the face of the person and displays it immediately on the large screen near the crossing.

The new system is currently being tested and if it works well, the new technology will then be used throughout the city.

Updated : 2021-04-23 11:07 GMT+08:00