Get a glimpse of the beauty of Taiwan in renewed Google Street View images

Google reshoots images for more than 150 indoor and outdoor sites


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Google Taiwan has renewed images for more than 150 indoor and outdoor sites, and some of the images were taken by Google's street view backpack. The refreshed scenes include different locations along the coast, and high mountains along the Alishan Forest Railway, where Google first captured images by installing a street view camera backpack on a train in the country.

The renew will allow users to surf at home and get to know the best places to travel in the country.

Google Asia-Pacific Street View program manager Cynthia Wei (魏薌君) said that the team is happy to reshoot the country's popular attractions and even add more as the Google Street View program is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Taiwan, and it will help global users get the updated travel information.

Wei added that the team will continue to shoot images through diverse shooting techniques to conquer the geographical limitations to reach places unreachable for general travelers. The team is planning to work with more third parties to enrich street view images in Taiwan.

National Taiwan University, the Taiwan Association for Marine Environmental Education, the Graduate Institute of Architecture and Cultural Heritage of Taipei National University of the Arts, the Shei-Pa National Park volunteer squad, the Tree Observing Foundation, and the Taiwan Thousand Miles Trail Association joined the reshooting program to snap stunning photos for Google and for public use.

Guanxin algal reef, Baiyu algal reef, and Kuan-yin Beach are the three sites newly added to the latest edition of Google Street View, enabling users to appreciate the precious and unique natural landscape.

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The image shows Hua San 1914 Art Plaza in Taipei

The image shows Yushan North Peak

The image shows Da Bai Sha near Green Island