Too much ammo for Taiwanese terror suspect to avoid jail time: Expert

Taiwanese forensic scientist Henry Lee fears the large amount of ammunition could lead to a conviction in Sun's case

Sun (left), parents (right). (Photos from YouTube and Di Ying Facebook)

Sun (left), parents (right). (Photos from YouTube and Di Ying Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An Tso "Edward" Sun (孫安佐), Taiwanese exchange student arrested in March for allegedly threatening to "shoot up" a private school in Pennsylvania, may have a tough time avoiding jail time as his court hearing looms, according to a legal expert, reported EBC.

As Sun's court hearing is set for tomorrow (April 25), forensic scientist Henry Lee (李昌鈺), who is an idol of Sun, said that he may be able to have the charges related to the verbal threats dropped. However, he said the amount of ammunition, 1,600 rounds of various types, was too large, and if it becomes a special case, it could be a problem.

Lee said that it is possible that the judge could be convinced that when Sun told a classmate that he was going to "shoot up" their school, he was only joking, as his celebrity mother Di Ying (狄鶯) had claimed when he was first charged in March. Lee said this could help him beat the charge of terrorist threats and could help with the rest of the case.

However, Lee said that police found that he had a gun and over a thousand rounds of ammunition is problematic. "The problem is that his ammunition and killing weapons are too numerous, I'm watching the lawyers and their strategy, but I'm also watching the prosecution. If this becomes a general case, that would be better. If this becomes a special case or federal case, then it becomes serious."

Lee advised that Sun's lawyers seek members of the community who can vouch for his character and ask for leniency.

When interviewed by reporters, Di Ying said that from an early age Sun was interested in military affairs and wanted to be like Henry Lee in the future.

Lee said that if Sun is convicted, he will personally write a letter to the judge and ask for a light sentence.