Taiwan's ITRI receives award as a top global innovator for 2017

The president of the Industrial Technology Research Institute received the award from the president of IP and Standards on April 23

ITRI President Edwin Liu at his inaugural speech as president, April 2016 (Image from ITRI)

ITRI President Edwin Liu at his inaugural speech as president, April 2016 (Image from ITRI) (Agencies photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The big data analytics firm Clarivate Analytics presented an award to Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) as one of the “Top 100 Global Innovators”of 2017, on April 23.

The president of the IP and Standards business group presented the award to the president of ITRI, Edwin Liu (劉文雄) at a ceremony on Monday. This is the second time since 2014 that ITRI has received the prestigious award.

The institute was recognized for its influence on global innovation, via the impressive number of technical patents that the company has produced.

Edwin Liu noted that work involving the protection of intellectual property is one of the most important areas that ITRI’s research and development is targeting.

Liberty Times quoted Liu as saying that once key patents protecting intellectual technology property online are integrated into business strategies, they can actually become important tools for business development and corporate management.

ITRI, as a global powerhouse for patent development, can offer various industries and the country itself an important service and competitive advantage, assisting companies to securely navigate the international market.

As an example of the incredible success ITRI has seen in recent years, in 2016 ITRI recorded the highest output of new patents of a single organization in the entire world, with 376 for the year. The number was 1.83 times as many as the second highest patent producing company Fraunhofer, which is based in Germany, and reported to be Europe’s largest application oriented research organization.

Liberty Times reports that on average ITRI produces a single patent for every 15 of its employees, which makes it the most productive application based research institute in the world.