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Female Taiwanese police officer works with FBI to successfully recover US$250,000

Lin Yu-ting, a female police officer completed her master's degree at NYU and participated in training programs in the U.S.

Courtesy of Kaohsiung Police by CNA

Courtesy of Kaohsiung Police by CNA

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- According to a report by Kaohsiung Police's Sanmin Precinct, a female Taiwanese police officer worked with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) through the Criminal Investigation Bureau's (CIB) International Division and successfully recovered US$250,000 for a local company in early March.

The Central News Agency reported that the victim surnamed Ma (馬) was duped of the money after receiving an email telling him about a change in bank account details. The message had seemed to come from a hardware company with whom he had often traded. After checking the authenticity of the email account, Ma transferred the money, US$250,000 (NT$7.34 million) to the new bank account.

Following that, a few days later, Ma received another email from the actual hardware company inquiring about the due payment, after which Ma realized he had been scammed, so he immediately informed the local police.

A female officer named Lin Yu-ting (林于婷), who graduated from New York University and has been a part of various training programs in the United States, was assigned the case.

Lin worked with the FBI through CIB's international division and followed the case, identifying and freezing the account to which the money was transferred before it was withdrawn by the fraudsters. She succeeded in recovering the full amount for Ma.

Ma was thankful to the team and said he thought he would never get the money back but was so grateful to the entire team for their effort, as reported by CNA.

Updated : 2021-04-21 23:22 GMT+08:00