Taiwan to rate foreign worker brokerages

More than 1,400 agencies will be divided into 3 groups

Foreign workers in Taiwan.

Foreign workers in Taiwan. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The annual review of foreign worker brokerages will rate more than 1,000 companies beginning April 23, the Central News Agency reported Thursday.

The existence and especially the fees charged by migrant worker brokerage agencies have often been targeted by critics as exploitation, with demands for their abolition gaining ground.

In this year’s review beginning Monday, the Ministry of Labor will look at 1,471 companies and publish the results of the work on its website on October 31, CNA reported.

The agencies will receive points out of 100 based on items such as general service, management and handling of labor law violations According to the scores, they will be divided into A-grade brokerages, for 90 points or more, B-grade for 70 to 89 points, and C-grade for those agencies receiving fewer than 70 points, CNA reported.

In the review covering 2016, the A category included 487 brokerages, the B class 773 and the C group 73 agencies.

Most foreign workers in Taiwan come from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.