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Taipei City offers free parking for electric scooters for the next two years

Drivers of electric scooters like Gogoro and Wemo can enjoy free parking in Taipei City at designated spots for two years starting May 1

(Image from Flickr user DJ Sugarrr)

(Image from Flickr user DJ Sugarrr)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In a bid to promote electric vehicles in Taipei, the Transportation Bureau of Taipei City announced on April 19, that starting from May 1, electric scooters will be provided with free parking at over 20,000 designated spots across the city.

Electric scooters like those produced by the Gogoro and WEMO companies will be exempt from parking fees at designated parking areas for two years starting from next month, reports Liberty Times.

In order to reduce air pollution, and cut down on fossil fuels, the city has decided to offer a little incentive to boost the sales and use of electric scooters in Taiwan’s largest metropolitan area. According to the Taipei Parking Management and Development Office (台北市停車管理工程處), there are currently 14,304 licensed electric motor scooters in Taipei.

To get those numbers up, people driving electric scooters around the city will be exempt from parking fees in designated areas for two full years, as long as the vehicle is registered with the department of motor vehicles.

Liberty Times reports the following locations and parking spots are among those that will be free of charge for electric scooter parking; 630 spots in the Xinyi commercial district (信義商圈), 2355 spots in the Nanyang district (南陽特區), 2,140 spots in the Neihu Technology Park area (內湖科技於圈), 821 spots around Taipei Main Station, 1,020 spots around Shilin Night Market, 1,546 spots around the Ximen commercial area, 434 spots around Guanghua Digital Plaza (光華商圈), 301 spots outside the Taipei Zoo in Muzha district, and 1,008 spots in the Gongguan area.

In total, over 20,000 spots will be designated as free parking for electric scooters. The Transportation Bureau also reportedly said that if an electric vehicle is ticketed by mistake then, the public can report the ticket and it will be annulled.