Taiwanese escort agencies now offering 'health reports' after 'Alice' AIDS scare

After 2 Thai prostitutes test positive for HIV, many Taiwanese escort agencies are advertising call girls with 'health checkup reports'

"Patty" (left), "Alice" (right). (Photos from LINE)

"Patty" (left), "Alice" (right). (Photos from LINE)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In response to the news that two different Thai prostitutes operating in Taiwan have tested positive for HIV, many Taiwanese escort agencies are now including "health checkup reports" with their call girl ads, reported NOWnews.

After news broke yesterday that a Thai prostitute who goes by the name "Alice" had tested positive for HIV and had possibly infected 60 to 600 clients during her five trips to mainly southern Taiwan, Taiwanese online escort agencies are now posting ads stating that they can provide "health checkup reports" showing their call girls have not contracted the virus.

Alice confessed to police that she had sex with seven to eight clients a day during her visits to Taiwan, with each trip lasting around 15 days, at the most that could be 120 customers per visit and a possible total of 600, not to mention those who were in turn infected by those clients.

After Alice was arrested, her escort agency stopped posting advertisements on the social media app LINE, but it is possible it switched account names and has gone back into business. Police and health bureau authorities are struggling to find out who is behind the scenes of the online prostitution ring Alice was working with.

Thai woman identified as "Alice." (Photo from LINE)

Earlier this month, police arrested another Thai prostitute named "Patty" who had been mainly working in eastern Taiwan and had also tested positive for HIV, possibly exposing dozens of clients.

Out of fear of losing customers, Taiwanese escort services have stopped listing call girls from Thailand or changing their listed nationality to another country. Many Thai prostitutes in Taiwan are reportedly now struggling to make enough money to pay for their airfare back to Thailand and have stopped working.

Thai woman identified as "Patty." (Photo from LINE)

In response, some shrewd escort agencies are directly including "health checkup reports" in the advertisements for their call girls in order to reassure their clients. However, medical professionals suggest that such health inspection reports are not necessarily accurate, because the call girls themselves are in a high-risk group, easily infected at any time during their illicit sexual acts.

Health professionals remind everyone that if they want to protect themselves, they should not engage in dangerous sexual behavior.

Free, anonymous HIV and syphilis tests are available at public health centers and clinics around Taiwan. For more information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control website or call the HIV/AIDS information service hotline at 089-352995.