‘Internet celebrity’ makes top 10 dream jobs list in Taiwan: survey

The top three dream jobs are public servants, engineers, and online celebrities

Photo from Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Making a living as an internet celebrity has emerged as the third most-coveted job, following public servants and engineers, according to a new survey released by 1111 Job Bank.

The research, which saw 1,117 people aged 18 or older surveyed about their dream careers, was conducted between April 3 and 18.

The results indicate that 24.98% of the respondents wish to work as public servants, followed by the relatively high-paying engineering jobs (16.83%), online celebrities/bloggers (15.67%), guest house operators (14.68%), and chefs (13.79%).

It marks the first time cyberstars have made it to the top-10 dream job list, reported Central News Agency. The result can be attributed to the rise of the “internet celebrity economy” boosted by flourishing social networking business such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, Daniel Lee (李大華), head of 1111 Job Bank's career development and public relations division, was quoted as saying.

However, Lee added, not everyone can earn a decent income as an online celebrity or blogger, because that person must possess a flexible mind and produce attractive and insightful content in livestreaming events or writing to stay famous.

The full list of the top 10 dream jobs:

  1. public servants
  2. engineers
  3. internet celebrities/bloggers
  4. guest house operators
  5. chefs
  6. showbiz celebrities
  7. counseling psychologists
  8. online auction jobs
  9. architects/interior designers
  10. travel planning jobs/tour guides