American English teacher dies after scooter crash in southern Taiwan

71-year-old American English cram school teacher suffered fatal injuries after a scooter driver ran a red light in Tainan

(Screenshot from internet)

(Screenshot from internet)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A 71-year-old American English cram school teacher died on Monday (April 16) after suffering severe head trauma when he collided with a scooter driver who had run a red light on April 8 in Tainan City, reported Liberty Times.

At 4 p.m. on April 8, the teacher, who was identified by his first name of David, was riding his scooter on Jianping Road toward the intersection with Jianping 1st Street in Tainan's Anping District without wearing a helmet, when a 61-year-old woman surnamed Chen (陳) suddenly appeared and his scooter crashed into hers. Surveillance footage shows Chen running a red light on Jianping 1st Street as she barrels into the intersection with Jianping Road and David, who clearly has the green light, does not have enough space to stop his scooter or maneuver it out of the way in time.

After the collision, both motorists fall onto the ground, with David landing hard on his head. David suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and went into a Glasgow Coma Scale of 3, while Chen only suffered minor injuries.

The scene of the accident. (Screenshot from internet)

On April 15, David's 40-year-old son Cody arrived in Taiwan and on April 16 he gave permission to have his father taken off life support. Cody said that his father had lived in Taiwan for a long time and once said that he wanted to be buried in the country after his death and have his organs donated to those in need.

The hospital yesterday agreed to allow David's corneas and skin to be donated.

The scene of the accident. (Screenshot from internet)

After David's death, police sent the case to the Prosecutor's Office on charges of negligent homicide. When Chen was questioned by police, she said that she had not run the red light, and said that David accidentally ran into her.

David's friends revealed that during the period David was in intensive care, Chen's husband visited the hospital twice, however he also believed that it was David who had ran into his wife.

David. (Screenshot from internet)

Cody considers it an accident, and did not want anyone to be held legally liable, or even be imprisoned. Certain that this was his wish, Cody asked that charges against Chen be removed and in response, police said that he showed great love and magnanimity.

Though reporters were not able to contact Chen, police say that she has talked about reconciliation through her husband.

David. (Screen capture from internet)