14 film makers breathe new life into 1960's archive of Taiwan Film Institute

The TFI invited 14 filmmakers to make 13 short films using footage from the Institute's archives


At the Runway's Edge by MOU Tun-fei (Photo courtesy of TFI)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A lineup of renowned filmmakers was invited to breathe new life into old footage form the Taiwan Film Institute’s (TFI) film archives, to create a series of short films under the theme of “Reel Taiwan 2018: Archives revisited.”

The project is a collaboration between the Taiwan Film Institute and Taiwan's Public Television Service. The 13 short films will premiere at the Taiwan International Documentary Festival and will later be broadcast on public television.

Liu Yin-Shang, the winner of 2017 Golden Horse best-supporting actress award and the leading actress in one of the short films was invited to the press conference on Tuesday.

Liu and director Wen Chih Yi share a collaborative relationship in filmmaking, and also a close friendship despite their age difference. In "A Talk with Yin-shang Liu," director Wen collected many short clips of movies starring Liu over her five-decade career in acting, and interviews with the acclaimed actress.

In this documentary, audiences will be able to understand Liu’s acting life and witness her steadfast attitude regardless of glamour or monotony.

Other films in the project include: 32 Km - 60 Years, Firefly, In Trance We Gaze, Moment Within Time, One World One Dream, Scissors and the Cat, Silent Steps, Taiwan Province of China, The Elephant Dancer, The Horrible Thirty: Me, My Father and Richard the Tiger, The Last Documentary Fossil, and Written on the Sky.

The series of short films will have their premiere at the TIDF which runs from May 4 to May 13.