Appreciate blooming Tung flowers during daytime and dazzling fireflies at night in western Taiwan   

Let’s visit Gukeng Township in Yunlin County to enjoy fascinating views of fireflies and Tung blossoms


Image from the official website of The Hakka Tung Blossoms festival

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As the firefly season is at its peak in mid-April, Tung flowers are in full bloom in Taiwan's western county of Yunlin.

For many nature appreciators, spring is definitely the most delightful time of the year since it is the season of appreciating blooming flowers along with doing other activities. 

The Tung blossom season (油桐花) comes shortly after the cherry blossom season, and the white flowers are often referred to as "April Snow" or "May Snow" depending on when they are in full bloom. Moreover, the floral event is closely related to Hakka culture and lifestyle as many Tung trees were mainly planted at places where Hakka people live. 

In order to promote Hakka culture as well as boosting economic development and tourism, the Council for Hakka Affairs annually holds the Hakka Tung Blossom Festival at several locations in Taiwan. The events have attracted large crowds of people to enjoy the beauty of Tung blossoms as well as experiencing Hakka cuisine. 

(image from the official website of The Hakka Tung Blossoms festival) 

Gukeng Township of Yunlin County, where Tung blossoms are in full bloom, announced that the annual event will be held at He Bao Mountain Hiking Trail on April 21. 

According to Gukeng Township Mayor Hwang I-ling (黃意玲), visitors coming to the Tung blossom event will be able to appreciate the flowers, learn about Hakka culture, participate in several worshiping activities and enjoy Hakka cuisine. 

In addition, visitors to Gukeng will be able to enjoy Tung flowers in the morning and observe dazzling views of fireflies surrounding them at night, according to local news reports. 

(image from Central News Agency)

Apart from Gukeng Township, people can also enjoy the beauty of blooming Tung flowers in Tucheng of New Taipei City, Taiping Fairy Waterfall in Taichung, East Outer Ring Road of Chunghua, Puli in Nantou, and Luye in the eastern county of Taitung. 

Visit the website to look for further information on the 2018 Hakka Tung Blossoms Festival. 

(image from the official website of The Hakka Tung Blossoms festival) 

(image from the official website of The Hakka Tung Blossoms festival) 

(image from the official website of The Hakka Tung Blossoms festival)