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Nat. Taiwan Ocean University holds forum on new opportunities with Southbound Policy

'Even though Taiwan maybe a small country, our hearts are big,' said NTOU President

Image National Taiwan Ocean University

Image National Taiwan Ocean University

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In order to strengthen the exchanges between Southeast Asian countries and to promote bilateral cooperation, the National Taiwan Ocean University and the Junior Chamber International Taiwan (港國際青年商會) held the New South Industry Forum (新南向產業論壇) today.

The forum included various entrepreneurs and leaders as speakers who took the stage and shared their experiences working with groups and businesses in the Southeast Asian and South Asian countries.

President Zhang Qing-feng (張清風) of National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) said in his speech that, "even though Taiwan maybe a small country in terms of area but the hearts of Taiwanese are not small. Taiwan's industries have already extended to the world very early. Especially in the Southeast Asia region, there have been at least 30 years of successful experiences in the industry," he was quoted by United Daily.

President Zhang mentioned that in addition to cooperating with industries and schools in Southeast Asia over the years, NTOU also actively recruits students from Southeast Asia. At the same time, it also sends students to Southeast Asia for exchanges or industrial internships, and cooperates with the government in various fields to actively develop the southbound market.

Jason Lin, a state policy adviser, took the stage to speak on "Seeing the New South from Taiwan" and shared his vision of seeing the development of new directions in the shipping industry.

Guo Yi-jun (郭怡君), general manager of Grobest Holdings Limited (全興國際水產股份有限公司), the second largest aquatic product company in Southeast Asia, also discussed the opportunity and challenge of the aquaculture industry and shared their experience of aquaculture with Taiwan's technology and high-quality industries.

Lastly, Dr. Lee Fang (李芳), Honorary President of the World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (世界台灣商會聯合總會) and President of Yung Shin Pharmaceuticals talked about the opportunities for Southeast Asian countries and shared his marketing strategies and layout in Southeast Asia.

An Ocean University spokesperson said that keeping in mind government's new Southbound Policy, the industry forum was held to take the marine science and technology industry, shipping, and aquaculture as its principal focus.

Successful entrepreneurs in the forum could share insight on various development models as they hope to promote related industries in Taiwan and Southeast Asia to build upon successful mutual cooperation.

Updated : 2021-04-22 23:27 GMT+08:00