Essay by young HK student about his desire to live in Taiwan goes viral

'I wish I could move to Taiwan when I grow up,' the fifth-grader writes

Essay by HK student (photo from Facebook user 搣時潘)

Essay by HK student (photo from Facebook user 搣時潘)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A photo of an essay by a Hong Kong elementary school student about his yearning to“move to Taiwan” has gone viral after being posted on Facebook by a teacher on April 13.

The teacher, surnamed Pun (who goes by the name 搣時潘 on Facebook), expressed sadness following a voluntary teaching activity where a fifth-grader wrote an essay revealing his desire to move to Taiwan because he can’t afford the astronomical housing prices in Hong Kong.

The essay is as follows:

I will move out of Hong Kong to live in a bigger house when I grow up. I can’t afford the soaring housing prices in Hong Kong, so I’ll be moving to Taiwan where people are friendly and where I can purchase a spacious house at lower prices. How I wish I could reside in Taiwan someday.

The words of the youngster have sparked caustic comments on the social networking platform, with social commentator Lucifer Chu (朱學恆) sarcastically saying that “The essay has managed to upset both Taiwan and HK people at the same time,” implying that the property prices in Taiwan are just as unaffordable as those in the special autonomous region of China.

Despite similar comments mocking the little boy’s naïve misperception of the island’s housing market, some netizens pointed out that Taiwan does possess merits that Hong Kong lacks, including relatively reasonable housing prices in areas outside Taipei and thanks to its sound medical services, Taiwan's potential as a haven for retirees and those with medical issues.

Housing prices aside, netizen Aiden Chan reckoned that the kid’s wishes have brought to light the dire situation and dismal future facing younger generations, which should be addressed. Sharing the same feelings with the student, another HK netizen with the screen name 李調之希 wrote that “Taiwanese are empathetic, and lots of HK residents wish to live in Taiwan, too.”