Two Taiwanese brands make top 10 Instant Noodles list by Ramen Rater   

Ramen Rater Hans Lienesch published his 2018 edition of the top 10 best Instant Noodles of All Time 


TTL White Wine Carbonara Noodle (on the left) and "Dan Dan Noodle by Mon's Dry Noodles" (on the right). Image from: the Ramen Rater

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Ramen Rater, a U.S. ramen review website run by blogger Hans Lienesch, on April 16 published the 2018 edition of top 10 best Instant Noodles of All Time, with two Taiwanese noodles brands named in the list. 

In the latest list of top 10 instant noodles, Lienesch placed "TTL White Wine Carbonara Noodle,"a product of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor in eighth place. "It's a rich and creamy carbonara with pieces of meat and vegetables throughout", he wrote in the review. 

Meanwhile, Dan Dan Noodle from the Taiwanese manufacturer, Mom's Dry Noodle, is at the seventh place for its "master of simplicity." Inspired from a traditional noodle dish originating from Chinese Sichuan cuisine, Dan Dan noodles are a dish of dry noodles with various spices that harmonize perfectly. 

Coming in at first place was Prima Taste's Laksa, the premium wholegrain instant noodles from Singapore, which maintained its top spot on the list for the third consecutive year. "If I had only one noodle to eat on a deserted island, this would be the one," Lienesch shared his experience after trying the exquisite combination of the noodles' texture and wonderful laksa gravy from the Singaporean instant noodle product. 

Here is the complete list from The Ramen Rater:

#10: Gookmul Knight Of Ribs – South Korea
#9: Nissin Demae Ramen Straight Noodle Spicy Tonkotsu Flavour – Hong Kong
#8: TTL White Wine Carbonara Noodle – Taiwan
#7:, Mom's Dry Noodle' Dan Dan Noodle -- Taiwan
#6: Red Chef Green Tom Yum Soup Noodles – Malaysia
#5: Prima Taste Singapore Curry Wholegrain La Mian – Singapore
#4: CarJEN Nyonya Curry Laksa – Malaysia
#3: MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle (2018 Recipe) – Malaysia
#2: Red Chef Sakura Prawn Soup Noodles – Malaysia
#1: Prima Taste Singapore Wholegrain Laksa La Mian — Singapore