Photo of the Day: Taiwanese runs with country's flag at 2018 Boston Marathon

Braving the rain, Taiwanese challenged the impossible


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)- Earlier this morning, 163 Taiwanese athletes brave harsh weather in the world-renowned Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon is one of the six premier marathons held around the world. The other world's largest marathons include the Tokyo Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon and New York City Marathon.

Despite the harsh weather conditions, the contestants persisted in the race. Taiwanese athletes ran across the finishing line with Taiwanese flag.

Two visually impaired Taiwanese marathoners also participated in the Boston Marathon this year, who are identified as Hung Kuo-chang and Lu Kuan-lin. They are two out of the 70 contestants in the visually-impaired division for the marathon this year.

Hung, who was interviewed by Taiwanese news agency earlier, carried a Taiwanese flag while running, with eagerness to prove that a visually-impaired man can also complete the game, making what seems impossible possible.

American female marathoner Desiree Linden is the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 30 years, while Yuki Kawauchi became the first Japanese man in 31 years to win the Boston Marathon, beating the defending champion Geoffrey Kirui of Kenya in 2 hours 15 minutes 54 seconds.