Chunghwa Post reveals Taiwan's first 'Digital Post Office' with 'smart' assistant

The Jinnan rd. post office in Taipei has a '24-hour self-service station' where customers to manage their finances online, among other services

The smart assistant "Pepper" at the Chunghwa digital post office in Taipei

The smart assistant "Pepper" at the Chunghwa digital post office in Taipei (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Taiwan’s very first digital post office was formally launched at the Jinnan Road Post Office in central Taipei (台北金南郵局), April 16.

The new digital post station allows customers to manage their post office banking, as well as prepare their parcels for shipping, with digital registration. They can also access email and purchase stamps, boxes and other goods on sale at the post office.

The digital post station is the first of its kind offered by Chunghwa Post, the government owned postal service of Taiwan. CNA reports that Chunghwa is keeping up with the times, as Taiwan continues to develop its digital communication infrastructure, and as Taipei begins its drive to become a “smart-city.”

The office on Jinnan road will offer a 24-hour self-service area that includes an ATM and a computer system to register mail. Additionally, a smart robot assistant is also onsite to help customers navigate the menu of services available.

The robot, named “Pepper” will also help customers configure their mobile communications devices to the online service system. Pepper will help new customers set up new accounts, allowing them to pay for services completely online.

For those with already existing accounts, deposits, withdrawals, remittances, and life insurance payments can all be done at the 24 hour financial services station.

A spokesperson for the postal service said Chunghwa is planning six more digital postal offices by 2019. As the digitization of financial and postal services continues, becoming more and more convenient, Chunghwa remains committed to the security of their customer’s data and savings, reports CNA.

Chunghwa postal services has also recently announced a partnership with VISA to establish a debit based card system allowing banking customers to use their Chunghwa post VISA card to pay for certain services provided by public institutions or government organizations.

Image of the Post Office's digital service menu (CNA Image)