Taiwan's ITRI wins U.S. Edison Awards with life-saving device for firefighter

The award-wining device can provide illumination during firefighting rescue efforts in the dark

(Image courtesy of ITRI)

(Image courtesy of ITRI)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan's leading applied research institute again has nabbed another big award, this time with its innovative technology that can save lives and improve firefighters' rescue work. The innovation is said to have won attention and orders from the biggest U.S. firefighting equipment vendor and e-commerce company Amazon.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) won Silver at the 2018 Edison Award on Wednesday, April 11, in New York, for its innovative technology - "fluid-driven emergency rescuer (FDER)" - which is believed to protect firefighters and save lives during their rescue mission in the dark.

The micro-hydropower technology can be applied in two different devices: the fluid-driven tactical nozzle and fluid-driven sprinkler light; the former, powered by the pressure whenever water runs through hoses during the mission, is a lightweight device which can be mounted on a fire nozzle to ensure sufficient illumination without external electricity supply, while the latter can be installed in buildings to shine laser beams to guide people to escape from the scene, according to ITRI.

The two devices can provide thermal images, LED lighting, and laser indication of evacuation routes in the dark, with an aim to enhance visibility to improve the efficiency of the rescue work and protect lives of firefighters and victims.

The institute said that the innovation has won the attention and orders from the biggest U.S. firefighting equipment vendor, Akron Bass, TFT, and e-commerce company Amazon.

​The Edison Awards have been honoring and fostering innovation and innovators to create a positive impact in the world in the spirit of Thomas Edison since 1987. Other winners this year include Adobe Systems, GE Healthcare, NVIDIA, and 3M.