Vietnamese immigrant wins hearts in Taiwan with quality fruit

Guavas cultivated by Juan Hung-yen in Pingtung have been well received in Taiwanese markets

Photo by Local Runners 熱土跑者

Photo by Local Runners 熱土跑者

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A new immigrant from Vietnam has adjusted to life in Taiwan – in an agricultural way.

Juan Hung-yen (阮紅艷), a 35-year-old from Vietnam, married her Taiwanese husband, Liu Chia-chuang, 10 years ago and has lived in Pingtung County since. Culture shocks have never been an issue for her, as she found herself well adapted to the life on the island as a farmer, joining her husband in cultivating guavas, and tomatoes, among other fruits to make a living.

“Back in my homeland, I helped my family grow rice and guavas too, though Vietnam is not home to as many guava varieties as those in Taiwan,” Juan told Liberty Times in an interview.

With the assistance of her husband and a number of agricultural experts, she has learned to master skills like pruning and the application of fertilizers. The result has been rewarding, as she managed to produce prime quality “pearl guavas” that are both sweet and crunchy.

Not only does she excel in agricultural skills, she also keeps an open mind to new technologies, for example utilizing social networks like Facebook to help market the produce, an approach that has attracted a large fan base for the fruits she sells.

A mother of two, Juan juggles between her work and family as business thrives. She is also working on obtaining traceability certification for her produce, so as to expand the range of platforms for the sale of her fruits, from supermarkets to large retail stores.