Foreign student work permit application process in Taiwan simplified

The process to apply for a foreign student work permit in Taiwan has been streamlined for an estimated 40,000 students

(Image by Pixabay user Kaz)

(Image by Pixabay user Kaz)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The process to apply for work permits for foreigners, overseas compatriots and ethnic Chinese students while studying in Taiwan has been simplified, benefiting an estimated 40,000 students a year, announced the Ministry of Labor (MOL) at a news conference yesterday (April 12).

In a press release issued yesterday, the MOL said that in order to provide convenient services and to simplify the administrative procedures, it has simplified the process of applying for work permits for foreigners and overseas compatriots and ethnic Chinese studying in Taiwan. Instead of attaching a long list of documents, as was the case in the past, students will only need to submit a photocopy of their passport.

Chiu Yueh-yun (邱月雲), a division head Workforce Development Agency (WDA), said that as of March 23, foreigners, overseas compatriots and ethnic Chinese studying in Taiwan will no longer need to attach their school ID card, a written consent form from the school, a full-year academic transcript or proof of special expertise in a language, reported CNA.

In the report, Chiu said that students now only need to submit a photocopy of their passport and a completed application form. The MOL will review their applications and issue work permits based on the relevant regulations. An estimated 40,000 foreign students likely to benefit from the newly streamlined process each year.

Foreign students and overseas compatriots can now visit the official WDA website to apply for the new "EZ Work Permit." The bilingual website provides 24-hour online services, including document delivery, payments, notifications and inquiries.

Once inside the official WDA website EZ Work Permit page, click on "Work Permit for Foreign Students, Overseas Chinese Students and Ethnic Chinese Students," then click on "Apply for an account," and click "apply." When the application form appears, complete the form and click "Confirm."

Updated : 2020-12-04 08:16 GMT+08:00