Applicants for overseas workforce experience in Vietnam doubles

Increased number of applicants for workplace experience abroad in Vietnam


Site visits in Vietnam. By K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Applicants for an overseas exposure trip to Vietnam doubled in number as compared to last year, reports said.

The K-12 Education Administration at the Ministry of Education led a group of 36 high school students to Vietnam last year to get an experience in the workforce. The trip lasted a week.

The K-12 Education Administration selects outstanding new residents' children to spend their summer vacation in Vietnam for seven days each year. The trip includes site visits to various manufacturing companies.

The organizing team predicts a total of 72 students for this year. Before the trip, participants will be able to take up Vietnamese language courses.

Participants will have to attend a five-days Vietnamese language training camp to facilitate their learning in Vietnam. This program is organized by the National Nantou Commercial High School.