MMA fighter who exploits Taiwanese women in porn videos back to his old tricks

MMA fighter who had secretly shot pornographic videos of Taiwanese women has shifted the footage to new PornHub account

Schulte (left). Photo from Schulte's PornHub page. 

Schulte (left). Photo from Schulte's PornHub page. 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After taking a beating on social media for exploiting Taiwanese women in his pornographic videos and tapping out on PornHub, an American mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter has started uploading the controversial videos to a new account on the same pornographic website.

32-year-old American MMA fighter Jaymes Schulte last month suffered a beatdown on the Facebook group Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) when user of the online forum posted a warning that he had been secretly filming one-night-stands with Taiwanese women and posting them on a porn website for profit.

The user also said that the names and descriptions of the videos contain obscene and degrading language, and fears many Taiwanese may have been among the 36 women victimized. The user also reminded any women that come in contact with him to be extremely cautious and if they discover they have been included in any of his videos online, they should contact the authorities immediately.

Schulte (center). Photo from Schulte's PornHub page.

According his numerous social media accounts, Schulte is an American professional MMA fighter and he claims to be a "Pick Up Artists" who enjoys shooting "travel porn videos." On the adult video website PornHub, Schulte had an account titled TravelPorn with over 3,000 subscribers and 800,000 views, which contained videos of at least 36 Asian women performing sexual acts with him.

On the PornHub page, he charged US$10 for individual sex videos and US$250 for lifetime membership and listed PayPal and bitcoin as methods of payment.

On March 13, Schulte announced on Facebook that he has encountered financial difficulties and so he has decided to sell his sex tapes so that he can save about US$5,000 and quickly return to Asia.

Old PornHub account.

In response to the massive backlash to the Breaking News Commune post and subsequent media reports, Schulte took down all of his pornographic videos from his PornHub account titled TravelPorn on March 16 and eventually deleted the account entirely. However, by April 2, Schulte had already created a new account on PornHub account with the name now slightly modified to TravelPornWMAF, while the profile photo has remained the same.

The new page has many of the same photos of himself with Asian women from his previous page and social media accounts. He seems to have taken care this time around to not list the nationalities of the women, has refrained from the abusive language used before, blurs the videos and frequently repeats the acronym WMAF (white male Asian female).

New PornHub account.

In his new description, he still claims to be able to "seduce" over 100 girls a year and that every woman in his porn videos are aware that they are being filmed but allow him to do so because "they love when an alpha male treats them like a slut." He no longer lists his prices, but still posts a Bitcoin address for those who want to watch his videos uncensored, gain his "pick up advice" and a Snapchat account where he supposedly streams sexual encounters live.

A female Facebook user currently living in Taiwan who wished to remain anonymous told Taiwan News that she was contacted by Schulte on the dating app Tinder when he was visiting the country in February. She said that they swapped LINE accounts and wanted to meet her in person, however she said that because he had sent her explicit photos of him engaging in sexual acts with other women, she refused to meet up and blocked him from her social media accounts.