Temperature in Taiwan to drop 8 degrees by Sunday

Taiwan to see sunny weather during week, but after front arrives on Saturday temperatures will drop by as much as 8 degrees by Sunday

Central Weather Bureau image.

Central Weather Bureau image.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Though Taiwan will see balmy weather during the week, a new weather front which arrives on Saturday will cause high temperatures to drop by as much as 8 degrees Celsius by Sunday, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

As there has been an increase in water vapor near Taiwan, there may be brief thunderstorms in some areas today and tomorrow. Highs today in northern and eastern Taiwan will range between 26 to 30 degrees, while central and southern Taiwan will range between 28 and 32 degrees.

Other than a few scattered showers, weather throughout Taiwan is expected to be clear and stable until Friday (April 13), during which time temperatures are expected to continue to rise.

The CWB says that on Saturday as a new weather front approaches, there will be brief showers in the north and northeast of the country. After noon, mountainous areas of central Taiwan will also see brief showers.

Starting on Sunday, the northeast monsoon winds will increase and the high temperatures across northern Taiwan will drop by 7 to 8 degrees, reaching only 23 or 24 degrees. Central Taiwan will see highs of 27 to 30 degrees, while other areas may see a drop of 3 to 4 degrees.

Members of the public are advised to take steps to stay warm during the cold spell, which is expected to last at least through Monday (April 16).