Video shows Taiwanese temps tossing PChome packages for fun

Video surfaces of Taiwanese contract workers tossing and kicking PChome packages for laughs

Woman tosses PChome package. (Photo from FB group 爆料公社)

Woman tosses PChome package. (Photo from FB group 爆料公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese netizens are outraged after video surfaced of contract workers at a logistical shipping center tossing and kicking packages for fun.

A user of the Facebook group Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) yesterday (April 9) posted a video of workers laughing as they throw packages which appear to be labeled for customers of Taiwanese e-tailer PChome. In the original post, the Taiwanese netizen writes:

"So this is how my items ordered keep getting broken, it's all because of the mischief of these package handlers! Is the Post Office the culprit? The packages tossed were from PChome... The losses incurred by the sender and the recipient are all the fault of these people!!!"

In the video, a female employee rushes to grab a box and hurl it at another female employee. She misses the mark and so picks up an even larger package and throws it at her coworker, who dodges it as it lands onto the hard warehouse floor.

The woman who was targeted by the flying package then casually kicks it back toward the cart where she is loading other packages. She then casually scans another box and chucks it onto the pile.

Two other employees are visible in the video and all appear to be laughing and find the tossing of customers' packages to be quite amusing. The employees are all dressed very casually, with three of the women wearing shorts, thus they are unlikely to be full-time employees of the post office, but rather short-term contract workers distributing packages for PChome.

Netizens were furious when they saw the footage:

"This really is too much."

"Throwing other people's stuff and still daring to laugh."

"They're done for... don't know how much compensation they're have to pay... cry cry."

"Even if you're not that into the job, that doesn't justify destroying other people's goods."

"My God! This is ridiculous... If these were like the brand accessories I often buy that would really make my heart ache! I hope that the shipping fee I'm charged included an extra layer of bubble wrap."