Photo of the Day: Graffiti in Taipei riverside park

Graffiti mural spotted in Taipei's Dajia Riverside Park

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Graffiti mural in the photo above was captured on Sunday (April 8) in Taipei's Dajia Riverside Park 大佳河濱公園.

Since 2005, the Taiwan government has opened up certain section riverside parks in Taipei and Taichung for graffiti artists to write on the walls. In 2007, Taipei's Department of Cultural Affairs began allowing graffiti on fences outside public construction sites.

This piece, which is dated as 2018, has a local touch as the woman appears to be Asian and has the Chinese characters for "simple" (簡單, jiandan) tattooed on her right shoulder, while scrawled to the left are the English words "Easy Life."

(Photo by Keoni Everington/Taiwan News)

The fine for writing graffiti on unauthorized areas in Taiwan is NT$6,000, though that amount is considered relatively low compared to other developed countries.