Changes to Taiwan's air pollution law aimed at 5 million two-stroke scooters, 'old cars'

Amendments to Taiwan's Air Pollution Act aimed at old cars, two-stroke scooters and diesel trucks and creates air quality control districts

Taipei skyline on heavily polluted day.

Taipei skyline on heavily polluted day. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Amendments to Taiwan's Air Pollution Control Act (空氣污染防制法), which will place tighter emissions restrictions on old cars, two-stroke scooters and diesel trucks, was approved by the legislature yesterday (April 9).

As part of the updates to Article 35, emissions standards for cars over 10 years in age will be raised, and if a driver's vehicle fails an emissions inspection or does not have their vehicle inspected, their license plate will be confiscated. Meanwhile, a modification to Article 40 will create air quality control districts (空氣品質維護區) in which older vehicles will be prohibited from being driven in and violators could face a fine of between NT$500 to NT$60,000.

If the proposed amendment passes its third reading, Taiwan's 5 million two-stroke scooters owners as well as it 76,000 diesel truck drivers will be directly affected.

Under the proposed law, cars and scooters that fail to pass an emissions test have one month to make improvements, and if they fail on the second inspection, fines of between NT$1,500 to NT$30,000 will be levied. Those who have neglected to submit their vehicle for an emissions inspection for more than six months after being notified, or those who have failed to make improvements to their vehicle after a set period following their second failed emissions test, will face a fine of NT$3,000 to NT$60,000.

If the driver continues to fail to take steps to rectify their low emissions score, authorities may remove their license plate.