2018 Creative Expo to kick off with over 200 events

The 2018 Creative Expo will open at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, and EXPO Dome in Taipei from April 18 through 22


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Organized by the Ministry of Culture, the 2018 Creative Expo will open at different locations: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, and EXPO Dome in Taipei, from April 18 through 22.

This year, the expo marks its 7th year with a series of finely curated events with featured topic on "Design Thinking," exploring the possibility of design creativity. Under the main theme “Body Knowledge,” the expo explores senses of the human body and how proprioception influences humanity’s comprehension and interpretation of originality, aesthetics, and culture.

The exhibit titled "Body Knowledge" that contemplates the inescapable quality of living within our own skin while dealing with the complexities of what it means to be an individual. The exhibit works with various sectors to maximize the power of Taiwan's cultural and creative business.

The event ambassadors for this year are famous TV host Mickey Huang (黃子佼) and high-profile design school professor Kristy Chu (曲家瑞). Both showed up at the preview press conference on Monday to explain the concept of the exhibit and what can be expected at the three different exhibition venues.

The EXPO Dome in Taipei venue features image authorizations, exhibiting original illustration and artworks by 100 aspiring artists from 13 countries. "Gashapon Wall" is a new facility at the show where visitors can find original design products from Gashapon, which means toy capsule vending machine.

The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park venue features six areas in two main themes: “Life Lab,”which showcases accessories and tablewares, and "Crowdfunding Go," which exhibits new business models driven by technological innovations.

In Huashan 1914, the venue is divided into several theme parks, featuring "Body Knowledge," "High Mountain," "Craftsmanship," "Visual Arts," "Hip Hop Power," and "the Daily Usual Things." It is also the very first museum in Taiwan that talks about high mountains, and hip hop.

The 2018 Creative Expo gathers artists from 23 countries, with a total of 559 exhibitors and more than 200 events, including exhibitions, bazaars, and film screenings to help visitors learn about design in Taiwan.

The exhibition is set to draw 300,000 visitors.

More information on this year’s events can be found at the expo website Creative Expo Taiwan and its Instagram creativexpotaiwan.