Taiwanese customer requests McDonald's delivery by rope

Taiwanese customer orders McDelivery driver to attach meal to rope dangling from third floor apartment

Photo from launch of McDelivery in Taiwan in 2007.

Photo from launch of McDelivery in Taiwan in 2007. (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In the early hours of Sunday (April 8), a Taiwanese customer submitted a bizarre request to McDonald's to have their order delivered via rope to their third floor apartment.

In the Facebook group F***ing Cheap Tourists (靠北奧客), an image was posted this morning (April 9) of an order placed yesterday at 3:04 a.m. stating the following:

"The steel gate is closed, in the middle of the night my stomach is rumbling with hunger. My room is on the third floor and I will throw a rope down which will have the money for you. You will help me place (the order) on the rope."

Order placed on April 8. (Image from Facebook group @kboutk)

Many Taiwanese netizens were amused by the unusual order:

"Eating McDonald's needs to be that much of a secret?"

"This reminds me of how 7-Eleven would deliver this way to my college dorm."

"This is not cheap, this is cute."

"I work as a delivery man for McDonald's, there really are a lot of customers who throw down ropes (tied to baskets)..."

"In the south (southern Taiwan) this is really quite common. The roll up gates are really noisy the moment they start opening, they wake up the whole family."