Photo of the Day: Fireflies dazzle western Taiwan

Firefly season is starting to heat up throughout western Taiwan

Fireflies in Chiayi.

Fireflies in Chiayi. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In the photo above fireflies can be seen whirring around a farm house in mountain township in southwestern Taiwan's Chiayi County.

The firefly season is fast approaching in Miaoli, Taichung, Chiayi and even some parks in Taipei where the bright bugs are being brought in. Alishan in Chiayi County has 42 kinds of fireflies and accounts for about 2/3 of the entire firefly population in Taiwan.

The Chiayi County Government recommends 15 locations where fireflies can be seen, including Ruiliyejiang Hiking Trail in Meishan Township, Yuantan Ecological Park in Renshou Village in Zhuqi Township, Fenqi Lake Station in Zhonghe Village in Zhuqi Township, Dingwu in Guanghua Village in Zhuqi Township and Alishan Township's Laijibuluo Baihe Square.

Fireflies on Alishan. (CNA image)

In Taichung The firefly season is now underway at Darken Ecological Park (大坑生態園區) and Dongshi Forest Garden (東勢林場) in western Taiwan's Taichung and is expected to peak by mid April. The firefly season at Dongshi Forest Garden, also in Taichung, has begun as well. Vice Director of the park, Chang Ming-chung (張銘鐘), told CNA, that the main species in the park is the "black winged firefly," which can be seen from early April to mid May, with the peak period between mid to late April, with the number of fireflies reaching 300,000.

Fireflies in Taichung. (CNA image)

In Taipei, the Friends of Daan Forest Park Association is collaborating with the Public Works Department to repopulate fireflies in the northern metropolis of Taipei, Taiwan. Later this month, there will be volunteer teams organizing and conducting firefly trail tours in various parks in Taipei starting April 16, and running though May 6, from 6:40 p.m. till 8:00 p.m.

The trails are located at Daan Forest Park , Rongxing Garden Park, Cui Lake in Muzha Park and Shilin Official Residence.

(CNA image)

Fireflies in ​West Lake Resortopia in Miaoli County's Sanyi Township. (CNA image)