Chinese media reveals Beijing's fear of a possible constitutional referendum in Taiwan

China's state-backed propaganda mouthpiece Global Times calls the anticipated 2019 referendum an 'unrealistic dream,' fears it would be a 'disaster'

(Taiwan News Image)

(Taiwan News Image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In an editorial published the same day as the formal establishment of the Formosa Alliance on April 7, the Chinese state-backed Global Times publication expressed its worry towards the idea of a public referendum that might amend Taiwan’s constitution.

The article entitled “Taiwan vote unrealistic dream” claims that the only people in support of the referendum are an older and marginalized generation that is “out of main stream.”

The piece references a pro-Beijing website in Taiwan, which says that the referendum aiming to formally declare the nation of Taiwan, is not only “an unrealistic dream,” but that that such an“unrealistic” referendum would also be a "disaster," which betrays their true worries towards the referendum and the Formosa Alliance.

The prompt attention from Chinese media given to the Formosa Alliance and the constitutional referendum reveals the serious concern and disdain with which the Chinese Communist Party regards the self-determination and de facto independence of Taiwan and the Taiwanese people, even as they try to diminish the importance of the Formosa Alliance.

The Formosa Alliance is a coalition of political groups inside and outside of Taiwan, including heads of business, NGOs, political associations, and overseas Taiwanese organizations across the world, who are all advocating for the peaceful establishment of a national republic of Taiwan. With the new referendum laws in Taiwan, such a vote to amend the constitution could "realistically" be held in April next year, which is the date the Formosa Alliance is aiming for.

Chinese media outlets like the Global Times try to convince the world that “Taiwanese Independence is an illusion” and like “taking drugs,” but the entire world can easily see which country is the free and liberal democracy, and which country is the illiberal totalitarian communist state. Taiwan does not have to employ any grand "illusion" for people to tell the difference.

The true delusion in the conversation on Taiwan is the mantra that Beijing continually tries to convince the world of, which is that somehow Taiwan is, ever was, or ever will be part of Communist China.

For those who are capable of accessing objective journalism and information about the world, it is clear that the only delusion being perpetuated is the claim of rank falsehood that Taiwan is part of communist China. However, the world must also remember that truthful information about Taiwan, China and rest of the world, is unfortunately in short supply to those living in the world's most populous nation, monitored as they are by big brother Beijing.

While there may indeed be some pieces of antiquated language in Taiwan’s constitution, Taiwan’s de facto independence is not up for debate. The decidedly realistic goal of the Formosa Alliance is a simple rectification of names; not to redraw any maps, nor peddle any delusions.