Taiwanese teenager Chen-Li-nong debuts in Idol Producer 2018

Two Taiwanese in China's new boy band NINE PERCENT

Image from Iqiyi

Image from Iqiyi

TAIPEI(Taiwan News)- 17-year-old Taiwanese teenager Chen Li-nong(陳立農) debuts as one of the nine members in the new Mandopop band-NINE PERCENT.

He clinched second place with 20.44 million votes in China's boy group survival reality show Idol Producer 2018(偶像練習生) on iQIYI(愛奇藝). In the thank you speech, Chen thanked his fans, the backstage crew of the reality show, his artist agency- A Legend Star Entertainment Corp(傳奇星娛樂) and his mother for all the support and help throughout the entire reality show.

When he was about to return to his seat, he ran back on stage to thank the teachers who guided him throughout the show, namely Korean band EXO band member Lay(張藝興), GOT-7 band member Jackson(王嘉爾), PRISTIN band member Kyulkyung(周潔瓊), COSMIC GIRLS band member Cheng Xiao (周潔瓊), China Singer Li Rong-hao(李榮浩) and Asian-American Rapper MC Jin(歐陽靖)

The other 8 trainees who successfully make their debut in NINE PERCENT includes, August Cai(蔡徐坤), Adam Fan(范丞丞), Justin(黃明昊 ),Evan Lin (林彥俊), Zhu Zheng-ting(朱正廷), Wang Ziyi (王子異), Wang Lin-kai (王琳凯, 藝名:小鬼) and You Zhang-jing(尤長靖).