Katy Perry tours Taipei before tonight's concert

Katy Perry goes sightseeing in Jiufen and eats at Din Tai Feng before April 4 concert in Taipei

Katy Perry in Jiufen. (Photo from @katyperry Instagram)

Katy Perry in Jiufen. (Photo from @katyperry Instagram)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As American pop star Katy Perry prepares to sing in concert tonight in Taipei, she has posted several photos and video of her traveling around major landmarks in the greater Taipei area, including Jiufen, night markets, temples and the iconic Taiwanese dumpling restaurant Din Tai Feng.

Perry flew in to Taipei yesterday afternoon on a private jet from Manila, the Philippines after having performed a show on April 2 in Pasay City. Upon landing, she first checked into the Mandarin Oriental Taipei for a brief break before heading with her mother Mary to Jiufen to go sightseeing and visit the A-MEI Tea House to enjoy Taiwanese tea.

In the evening, she returned to downtown Taipei and had dinner at the Xinyi branch of Din Tai Feng, where she met with the restaurant's owner Yang Chi-hua (楊紀華), who she took a selfie with. She also told Yang that she invited all Din Tai Feng staff who were not scheduled to work that evening to watch her concert in Taipei.

Katy Perry tours Taipei before tonight's concert
Perry presenting dumplings in chili oil. (Instagram user @mariafoti )

Perry then carried a plate of dumplings in chili oil and excitedly said, "This is Tom Cruise's favorite dish," causing everyone in the room to burst into laughter.

Katy Perry tours Taipei before tonight's concert
Perry taking selfie with Yang. (Instagram user @katyperry)

Perry will be performing on stage from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight (April 4) at the Taipei Arena as part of her concert tour titled "Katy Perry Witness The Tour," before moving on to Singapore for a show there on April 8.

Katy Perry tours Taipei before tonight's concert
Perry in Jiufen. (Instagram user @katyperry)

Perry has already performed at 63 venues for her worldwide tour since September, and for the Taiwan phase, she will be staying three days and two nights, with a crew of over 100 people traveling with her. Perry's dancers accompanied her on many of her adventures including Din Tai Feng, where they tried Kaoliang wine and the Raohe Night Market where they reportedly tried braised pork rice.

Over 90 percent of the tickets for the concert have been sold, however it is still possible to buy tickets at the door, according to Apple Daily.

Perry raised hackles in China when she waved the Taiwanese flag and wore a dress with sunflowers (to support the Sunflower Movement) when she gave a concert in Taipei in 2015. As a result she was banned from entering China when she tried to attend the Victoria's Secret fashion show in Shanghai last November.

Updated : 2020-12-02 20:38 GMT+08:00