Photo of the day: Mesmerizing cherry blossoms in Osaka

International tourists, many of whom are Taiwanese, flocked to popular cherry blossoms spots to experience one of the most exceptional natural events seen in Japan exclusively during springtime


Osaka, Japan (Taiwan News) - The first Sakura blossoms have been spotted on March 20 in Osaka and March 22 in Kyoto, western Japan, attracting Japanese families and international tourists to enjoy the sea of delicate pink and white blooms.

(Photo by Sophia Yang/ Taiwan news)

(Photo by Sophia Yang/ Taiwan news)

The blooming period varies widely based on the geographical location within the country. Okinawa, Japan's southernmost prefecture, for example, always produces the first blooms, and Hokkaido the last, where in some years, the blooming season extends into May.

Japan Rail Pass has released the best time and spots to see the cherry blossoms across Japan. This year, the full blooming date is March 27 for Osaka and March 24 for Tokyo. The cherry blossom flowers have reportedly reached full bloom a week earlier than usual, heralding spring. The blooming period typically lasts one to two weeks.

(Photo by Sophia Yang/ Taiwan news)

The picture above shows crowds sitting down on picnic blankets while eating and drinking under the cherry blossom trees at Osaka Castle as part of enjoying "hanami" (flower viewing), a popular pastime for Japanese families in Spring. Some stopped to take selfies or close-ups of the cherry flowers.

A couple surnamed Huang from New Taipei City, Taiwan, told a Taiwan News reporter that it was extremely difficult to find accommodations this year as most of the hotels conveniently located are fully booked, and they were forced to book one far from downtown.

A Taiwanese businessman surnamed Wang told a Taiwan News reporter that it was his first time to visit Japan during cherry blossom season, and it has been a mesmerizing experience for him to watch a spectacular sea of cherry blossoms.